Class Timetables


We run classes 7 days a week at our full time Hildenborough Dojang and twice weekly at our latest addition, Crockham Hill.

3-5 Years


Our 3-5 years classes are a fantastic way for younger students to gain a strong foundation in their martial arts journey. For this age group, the focus is on learning through fun and engaging activities that incorporate the fundamental building blocks for a successful martial artist, such as developing balance, coordination and flexibility, as well as basic kicking and hand techniques. Students in this age group are graded in class as they achieve certain milestones.

5-7 Years


In this age group there is a focus on developing key fundamental skills such as flexibility, balance and coordination, as well as basic kicking and striking techniques, all in a fun and exciting environment. Students also start to develop their Taekwon-do through practicing the fundamental movements of the ITF patterns.

8-11 Years


Students in this age group are now able to start to appreciate the technical side of Taekwon-do, therefore they follow our full ITF syllabus, although we still encourage a fun learning environment. As well as learning kicking and hand techniques on pads, students start to work on patterns and fundamental movements to develop their skills.


Additionally at this stage, students will start to learn the sparring aspect of Taekwon-do, and how to develop their power through breaking padded boards. Students now grade by being assessed at an official grading day by Mr and Mrs Miles.

12-15 Years


As students progress on to secondary school, their confidence develops as well as becoming physically bigger and stronger, hence we have a separate age group. Training starts to become more physical, with more of an emphasis on bodyweight strength and fitness.


We encourage lots of partner and group work, to continue the ethos of developing a sociable, friendly and supportive environment. Students still follow the same technical syllabus and grading process.

Adults 16 Years +


We are proud to teach adult students of all ages and starting abilities. Our beginner students often comment on what a friendly and welcoming atmosphere we have in our classes. Whatever your starting point may be, you are welcome and will be encouraged to progress at your own pace.


Our adult students often build lasting social networks through their Taekwon-do training and the events that we hold, all whilst enjoying improved fitness, strength, flexibility and general wellbeing.

Family Classes


Our family classes create an ideal way to spend some good quality time together as a family doing something productive and health promoting. Ideally students are aged 7 or above to join these classes, as we need to teach at a level that allows all students to progress, however we are happy to discuss with each individual family, as children’s maturity levels can vary.

Why ITF Taekwon-do?


Taekwon-do offers a huge range of benefits to all who take part. Due to its diverse syllabus, it is both physically and mentally challenging. Being primarily a striking art, Taekwon-do incorporates lots of kicking and hand techniques, however, there are many other elements involved.


As well as the obvious self defence skills that will be acquired, students can expect to see improved flexibility, strength and coordination. This in turn improves self-confidence considerably. For a more in-depth look at ITF Taekwon-do and all that it offers, please click this link.

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