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Mr Miles IV Degree  Founder/Chief Instructor


Mr Richard Miles Founded Miles Martial Arts in 2021 after having previously taught Taekwon-do full time for over a decade. Mr Miles has taught thousands of students in this time, many of whom have enjoyed much success at competition, and many have continued on to achieve their black belts and beyond.


As well as enjoying teaching the students themselves, Mr Miles takes great pride and pleasure in working with up and coming future instructors and helping them develop their teaching skills. Mr Miles runs the majority of the classes at our full-time centre in Hildenborough, Tonbridge, as well as grading all students at Miles Martial Arts.

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Mrs Miles IV Degree  Senior Instructor


After having previously contributed heavily to the growth and success of the club alongside Mr Miles, Mrs Miles now owns and manages a preschool where she focuses much of her time. There she teaches Taekwon-do Tots, giving the very youngest of students a great introduction to martial arts. Mrs Miles has a particular passion for Taekwon-do patterns and board breaking, gaining many medals at competitions in the past.


Having spent many years as a school teacher before starting Taekwon-do, Mrs Miles brings a wealth of experience and expertise. Still playing a pivotal role in Miles Martial Arts, Mrs Miles is a senior member on the grading panel, as well as leading in the organising and running of club events.

Mrs Hansen III Degree Instructor


As well as being a fantastic and experienced instructor, Mrs Hansen has a particular passion for developing her technical knowledge and passing on her wisdom. Academically astute, Mrs Hansen takes particular interest in the history of Taekwon-do, and martial arts in general. She therefore plays an integral role in the club, contributing heavily to the development of our evolving syllabus and grading theory content, as well as teaching classes herself.

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Mr Fillingham III Degree Instructor


As one of Mr Miles’ longest-standing students, Mr Fillingham has been training for over a decade, and has previously spent many years assisting Mr Miles before taking on his own club. Having enjoyed much success at competition, as well as having a natural flare for teaching, Mr Fillingham will soon pass on his considerable experience to his own students.

Mrs Edginton III Degree Instructor


As well as running her own classes at our full time centre in Hildenborough, Tonbridge, Mrs Edginton has the hugely important role of managing our office, without which we would not be able to provide the high standard of customer service that we strive for.

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Mr Cross II Degree Instructor


After having come from a previous background in boxing, Mr Cross gained his black belt in Taekwon-do in 2015. Mr Cross has become a huge presence in Miles Martial Arts, teaching classes at our Crockham Hill and Hildenborough clubs.


His boxing experience combined with his Taekwon-do training, alongside a passion for teaching sparring has gained him a reputation as being an excellent sparring coach, although his technical Taekwon-do knowledge is also considerable.

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