Knife Defence


We are very pleased to say that on Saturday 23rd April 12-1pm, we have a highly experienced Krav Maga instructor coming in to take our usual black belt class to spend the entire hour focussed on knife defence. As you know, knife defence becomes part of the syllabus at black belt. We have now seen one of Grand Master Nardizzi’s black belt gradings, and we are very pleased to see that the level of realism in all of their self defence aspects are high. With that in mind, we will look to have specialists in their field come in and work with us in order to prepare our black belts to the highest level we can. This one hour session will be purely aimed at teaching some straightforward techniques that students can practice for their next grading. We will then look at arranging a much more comprehensive stick and knife defence programme moving forward as their is a lot to learn! Exiting times ahead! I encourage all black stripes and above to attend this session if you can as it’s a great opportunity to learn from a knife defence specialist.


Grand Master Nardizzi Technical Seminar December 2021


What an absolutely phenomenal technical seminar with Grand Master Nardizzi! His reputation for vast knowledge precedes him, but his charisma and passion for teaching was a fantastic thing to experience. Thank you Sir, and well done to all who took part. 👊🏻😊

Back to Training Seminar September 2021


If you managed to get away last summer you likely missed some training, so to help everyone get back on track we held a free technical seminar on Saturday 11th September. The seminar focussed mainly on patterns and general technical improvements. Thank you to everyone who took part, it was an awesome patterns day.

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