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Here at Miles Martial Arts we have a primary focus on ITF Taekwon-do and will be launching our Kickboxing classes this month. We pride ourselves on creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in all of our classes. We understand that consistency is the key to success, so we encourage students to just train, have fun, make friends, and ‘love the journey’. This way students progress naturally at their own pace without any unnecessary pressure or falling into the trap of training for the next belt rather than what the belt represents. We offer age-appropriate classes, catering for all ages from 3 years old up to adults. As well as weekly classes, we offer camps, seminars, competitions, and regular gradings for those who are ready to progress.


Online Support and Resources


We also offer a rich source of online resources including videos of training drills and beneficial exercises, as well as instructional videos of our full syllabus, so that students can stay on top of their progress from home.

Taekwon-do & Kickboxing


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Why ITF Taekwon-do?


Taekwon-do offers a huge range of benefits to all who take part. Due to its diverse syllabus, it is both physically and mentally challenging. Being primarily a striking art, Taekwon-do incorporates lots of kicking and hand techniques, however there are many other elements involved.


As well as the obvious self defence skills that will be acquired, students can expect to see improved flexibility, strength and coordination. This in turn improves self confidence considerably. For a more in depth look at ITF Taekwon-do and all that it offers, please click the link below.

Miles Martial Arts - Dojang Taekwondo Lessons in Surrey

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