I don’t want to go, I can’t be bothered! 

I was going to start by saying ‘as parents we’ve all experienced this with our kids’, but actually I think we as adults are just as bad if we allow ourselves to be! I’m talking about that feeling of not wanting to go, to whatever commitment we may be due to fulfil, or class we should be attending.

Procrastinating basically!!

However, as adults, we (hopefully) have the wisdom to override that feeling, knowing that life doesn’t wait for us to be in the perfect mood to participate. We begrudgingly get up at the crack of dawn to what often feels to be a monotonous morning routine, even though we’re tired and really just don’t feel like it. Because once the day is in progress, and monotony gives way to the endless possibilities of learning and social interaction, we are reminded that it’s not that bad after all. And if we are to grow as human beings, which arguably is the purpose of life itself, then we can’t give in to our emotions, we must seize the day!

So, on to my actual point! When our kids say ‘I can’t be bothered, I don’t even like (enter activity here)’, we must remind ourselves that our children have not yet got the worldly experience that we have that enables us to push through that feeling. We have to do it for them!

Of course sometimes they really don’t want to do that activity any more. But it’s not that hard to work out the difference. Do they enjoy themselves once they’re there? If yes, then you have your answer.

And they’ll thank us for it (hopefully) when they’re older, and they have a multitude of skills and hobbies to navigate life with, rather than ending up looking at those people with envy and saying ‘I wish I was pushed to do those things when I was a kid!’.

Richard Miles

Chief Instructor

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