Why keep fit?

Rather than getting into why Taekwon-do, or even martial arts for that matter, first we should ask ourselves why keep fit at all?

Although there are of course many good reasons for pushing ourselves in some form of physical activity, for me it has become much more about mental wellness as opposed to physical.

The thing with the physical side of it is, if you work consistently hard, you get results and you improve. You get fitter, stronger, more flexible etc. But it takes time. That’s not a reason not to do it. We should all strive to improve our physical health for longevity and to enjoy better quality movement into our later years. But from the mental wellness point of view, the benefits are almost instant! And the importance of these benefits are often wrongly overshadowed by the more obvious physical benefits. Most people are aware I think, that when you exercise you feel better. Without getting all scientific and going into endorphins and brain chemistry, just know, there is good reason for us feeling better after exercising. And in a world where we are a product of our decisions, where those decisions are heavily influenced by our mood, we should stop for a second and realise how absolutely vital it is for us all to do some form of physical activity.

Just pick something you genuinely enjoy doing, because then you’ll stick to it. And if you decide martial arts is a good way to do this, you know where we are!



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